Snapshot of Attempted Plant Openings

Snapshot on states efforts to open horse slaughter plants

Gallatin, MO

Mountain Grove, MO

Rockville, MO 

Tennessee Pro Horse Slaughter Bill Fails

Roswell, NM


  • Feb 2012 - Roswell plant USDA suspension for inhumane treatment of slaughter animals
  • Aug 2012 - Family gives up on horse slaughter plant in Roswell, NM
  • Aug 2012 - Roswell NM plant fined $86,400 for improper disposal of carcasses
  • Dec 2012 - Roswell NM plant files law suit against USDA, HSUS and Front Range Equine
  • Jan 2013 - House rejects study of horse slaughter plant

Court Documents:

Hermiston, OR

New Jersey Bans Horse Slaughter 

Washington State - Snohomish County City Council Bans Horse Slaughter

Oklahoma Legislation introduced to repeal the 1963 law banning human consumption of horse meat and transferring possession of horse meat intended for human consumption.

Visit the Educational page for slides on the impact of a horse slaughter plant to communities and documents on this page with information on horse meat relating to food safety and the danger to human health. 

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