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Italy Partners 

UK Partners 

Graphic Design and Photojournalism

  • Terry Fitch

Social Networking

  • Julie Caramante & Jo Bunny

Terry Fitch wins the Amateur People’s Choice award 3 years in a row! Read about it here and here and here. The first years' win is the banner image on our website and a rescue horse owned by Willie Nelson.     


Design copyright Terry Fitch, Image copyright John Holland 


EWA Subject Matter Experts (SME)

SMEs are a group of individuals we reach out to for information pertaining to their expertise in a given area. They are not compensated or involved in EWA operations. 

Veterinary Sciences

  • Nicholas Dodman, BVMS,


  • Eryn Pearson                    

Wildlife, Wild Horses and Burros

Abuse and Neglect Investigations

  • Julie Caramante  

Canada Partners

EWA is a dues free, all volunteer 501(c)(3) umbrella organization representing

  • over 330 member organizations
  • The Southern Cherokee Government
  • over 1,200 individual members worldwide in 23 countries.
  • 8,596 facebook fans


EWA and its members are involved in a grass roots effort dedicated to ending the slaughter of American Horses and the preservation and protection of our Wild Horses & Burros on public lands.     

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501(c)(3) designation letter 

Please note that EWA originally had a 501(c)(4) designation. We were approved for a 501(c)(3) effective December 20 2014 

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           2012-for tax year 2011 [donations were not accepted until late 2011]     
           2013-for tax year 2012
           2014-for tax year 2013

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           2021-for tax year 2020

           2022-for tax year 2021


  • Member of Guidestar

EWA Board of Directors

  • John Holland, President            
  • Vicki Tobin, Vice President 
  • Daryl Smoliak, Director

About Us

  • Julie Caramante, Director
  • Daniel Cordero Fernandez, Director
  • ​Jerry Finch, Honorary Member

2013 EWA President's message to members and supporters