Fact Sheets

This document addresses Frequently Asked Questions that was distributed as a "fact" sheet by our opponents in Missouri.

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Studies and Analysis

Mexican Horse Meat; The Impact of the EU Ban [2014/891/EU]
Press Release

European Union Ban Threatens US Horse Slaughter Pipeline

Annual Equine Welfare Report | 2014

The 2011 GAO Report was Fraudulent
Press Release    

White Paper

Graphs & Charts

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Total Registrations in US for
Major Breeds

Colorado Abuse Cases vs.

Hay Prices

Foals Registered vs. Slaughtered

Abuse Cases by State

US Equines Slaughtered by Country


2014 Flyer - General

Although this flyer was created to tie to the War Horse movie, it is an excellent 
portrayal of the role horses played in our history.


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This page contains data, statistics and analysis published in various forms such as white papers, graphs and presentations. We've also included other informational and educational materials. 

Please scroll through this page to view what is available or click on the below links to go directly to a particular section.

For information on the relationship between Horses and the Impacts on Food Safety, click HERE

Equine Data

Hay Prices Per Ton

Slaughter Revenue to the 

Horse Industry

Evolution of Mexican Slaughter

Slaughter Statistics

Slaughter Statistics by Year - 1989 through available year-to-date

Year-over-Year Comparison - by Country 2006-2016

Slaughter Statistics by week and month
2018     2017      2016       2015       2014       2013       2012       2011       2010

Non-EU Horse Meat Import Statistics (this is an Excel file with 43 tabs of data from multiple countries and years)


The following PSA was developed and created by Frank Belardino, Gallop Media.

Horse Theft in California

US Horses Exported to Slaughter in Canada and Mexico

Grandin Findings

Image and Design copyright Terry Fitch

US Horses Exported to Mexico
Compared to 2014


The following presentations were created for specific speaking engagements or to assist others with initiatives but can easily be adapted for use in your efforts.

PowerPoint presentations contain transitions and are best viewed as slide shows rather than individual slides.

If you do not have Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, the following compatibility download is available from Microsoft enabling viewing of open XML documents (file extensions .docx, .xlsx and .pptx).   http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=3

Click here to view the Equine Advocates Horse Summit video presentations [John Holland is video #5]

John Holland's Presentation in Annapolis, MD on HB 1392
The Criminal Record of Horse Slaughter

John Holland's Testimony in New Mexico on October 22, 2013
NM Environmental Intent Letter

Testimony Slide Presentation

Hearing Transcript | Document 1
Hearing Transcript | Document 2

Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law

This is John Holland's slide presentation from the April, 2013 Equine Advocates Horse Summit. 
Note: This is best viewed as a slide presentation.
The Battle for the American Horse

This is John Holland's slide presentation from an August, 2012 Aqueduct conference. The last three slides were not part of the presentation but for clarification of the recommendations in the presentation.
Scope of the Issue

The Impact of Slaughter Plants

Beyond Slaughter

John Holland interviews Henry Skjerven, Natural Valley Meats (Canada) on Howling Ridge Radio | July 29,2009

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