Horse Slaughter Stoppage

This is where the drafts and heavier drivers usually are.

The following pictures and video were taken at the New Holland Auction on October 14, 2012. It should be noted that the auction is usually quite full at this time.

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Entrance is to the left. This is the entire right side of the barn.

To the left is the check in. This alley-way is usually full of drivers and the pen to the right is usually full of donkeys or mules.

"We all knew this was coming and have warned of it for years, yet the suddenness caught all by complete surprise. The EID (Equine Information Document) was the last chance for the horse slaughter industry and its agents to show they could be trusted to assure the safety of the horse meat that is their stock and trade. But their long history of flaunting environmental, transport, humane and other regulations made it inevitable that they would treat the drug residue issue as a joke. True to form, they are already blaming "animal rights" radicals." ~ John Holland ​

And some cattle

This is the auction ring.

A few more pictures of horses in the pens.