Real War Horse

     This was a campaign that ran during the early months of 2012 in conjunction
     with the War Horse movie.

Staff Sergeant Reckless

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On November 14, 2011, behind closed doors and without a public airing, a small conference committee eliminated long standing language in the agriculture budget prohibiting the inspection of American horse meat for human consumption.

The voice of the American people was stifled by Representative Jack Kingston (GA) and Senators Roy Blunt (MO) and Herb Kohl (WI).  These three legislators ignored the voices of over 75% of Americans and quietly removed protections on a bill that allowed no debate by the full house and senate. Many representatives and senators who opposed horse slaughter were forced to approve the bill to avoid a government shutdown.  

Senator Max Baucus of (MT) and state representative Sue Wallis (WY) were also instrumental in this betrayal of our horses.

Steven Spielberg called the action "....a very sad turn of events."

If this infuriates you, stand up and be heard. Contact your senators and representatives and demand that they support the federal legislation to end this despicable business once and for all – house bill HR 2966 and senate bill S 1176. More importantly, call and fax the White House and ask that President Obama issue an immediate executive order to ban the slaughter and transport of horses to slaughter.

Compounding this tragedy, the meat of our horses is not safe for human consumption because they were not raised as food animals. Visit the Horse Slaughter
page on this site for information on the drugs banned in food animals that are given to American horses and information on the foreign slaughter industry.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda being circulated by slaughter supporters. Every talking point has been proven false with facts, documentation, investigations and government reports. You’ll note the slaughter supporters never have any resources to back their comments. We do!

Until this vile, predatory industry is sent packing, no horse is safe from a horrific end of life. Companion animals are stolen and sent to slaughter along with race and performance horses that can no longer meet their owner’s demands and horses bought by kill buyers under false pretenses.

Don’t wait. ACT NOW!

And slaughter is not the only evil. Our wild mustangs and burros are being systematically run from their homes to make room for cattle and other special interests. For information on the plight of America’s Wild Horses and Burros, visit our Wild Horses and Burros

For more information visit: Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

This is the ad that ran in selected theaters. You can also view the movie on YouTube here.

This is a flyer that ties to the War Horse movie and was used as a hand-out.

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