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2015 Omnibus Bill [see pages 108, 714 & 715 for equine protections]

Valley Meat - Withdrawal of Application 2014.07

MP Alex Atamanenko letter to Equine Canada on Canadian bill C-571


Letter from Paula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman, Texas, former home to
the Dallas Crown horse slaughter plant

Statement opposing horse slaughter from the Southern Cherokee Government

2013.03 Congressman Moran letter to the USDA

Snapshot on states efforts to open horse slaughter plants

Visit the Educational page for slides on the impact of a horse slaughter plant to communities and documents on this page with information on horse meat relating
to food safety and the danger to human health.

Caution: this video contains one graphic still-image illustrating
   the heinous act of horse slaughter. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Video Supporting The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act [Sept, 2012]

Washington DC Children's Campaign Press Conference
March 27, 2012

Congressman Jim Moran [VA],
Vicki Tobin [EWA], Jo-Claire Corcoran [EWA],
RT Fitch [Wild Horse Freedom Federation] and
Declan Gregg [Children4Horses]

         Hank at home at Equine Advocates Rescue and Sanctuary


                                   The Binders Full of Horses

Equine Independence

            Memorial Day for our Horses

Horse Slaughter Stoppage [Oct 12, 2012]


White Papers, Studies, Reports and Investigations


Horse Slaughter: A Conflict of Ethics, Economics, & Welfare

   By Eryn Maria Pearson COPYRIGHT Journal of Animal Law and Ethics (JALE)

**This paper was posted with permission from JALE and the author and may not be copied,
   distributed, posted or reproduced without consent from JALE and the author.

Proof of CFIA Failure


     Full Investigation
CFIA and the art of Evasion
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition release 4th investigation exposing faulty Drug/ID tracking system and cruelty to horses in a fourth Canadian slaughterhouse. 

     Pasture to Plate
The Last Days of Three Angels Farms

Missouri Attorney Cynthia MacPherson's letter to Wallis' attorney regarding
Unified Equine

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition releases investigation, Chamber of Carnage, from Bouvry and Richelieu horse slaughter plants.

   Press Release   Investigation Footage   CAUTION EXTREMELY GRAPHIC


Three Angels Farm Transport Investigation 2012.05.20

Observations of a Kill Buyer: This is actual testimony of a former horse killer taken with a lie detector and before a former California District Attorney during Cathleen Doyle’s historic "Save the Horses" campaign in California where the first state in the nation banning the slaughter of horses for human consumption passed. 

Our thanks to
Equine Advocates for providing this trilogy to EWA.
   Part 1:
   Part 2:
   Part 3:


Animals' Angels Email Alert | 
Horse Slaughter Bombshell in Belgium and Holland

Horse Slaughter – Its Ethical Impact and Subsequent Response of the Veterinary Profession

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        Graphic produced by Republic of Horse | Chart available in PDF and JPG

Must Reads 
There is a mountain of information on Habit for Horses - from equine care, to rescuing horses to horse slaughter.
PUMPED full of drugs - sold as food

The following is a sampling of articles are from Vickery Eckhoff
Not only are they a great read but they are irrefutable.

    Grand Opening of Horse Slaughter Plants Foiled Again

    WSJ Serves Up Tainted Journalism On Horse Slaughter Plate 
    Texas Mayor Paula Bacon Kicks Some Horse Slaughter Tail

Life in a Slaughter Town: Kaufman Texas            
Who's Who in Capitol Hill's Horse Meat Power Posse

Lobbyists Work Through Holidays to Block Humane Legislation

    How Many Congressmen Does it Take to Screw a Horse?
 Be sure to check-out
     the photo gallery


    Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Sounds Food Safety and Cruelty Alarms

    Saving Princess Madeline: A Racehorse's Tale

    Racing Industry Silent About Slaughtered Thoroughbreds



The following editorials on our wild horses were authored by John Holland
Valerie James-Patton

A Slick in the Night

The BLM Slaughter Conspiracy


   Legislation to ban horse slaughter re-introduced

      Text of the legislation [Bill C-322]

   CFIA: Breaking the Rules

 from MP Alex Atamanenko to new President of the CFIA

   Previous session introduction
Canada Introduces Legislation to Ban Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

  CHDCs Twyla Francois on Alberta Primetime

Statement from Senator Mary Jane Garcia (D-NM) 2012.05
New Hampshire Committal Letter to strike equines from HB 339 
Congressman Jim Moran: US should get out of the horse meat business 
Congressman Raul Grijalva: Horse Slaughter off the radar for too long, needs Congressional attention 

This is a compilation of PDF source documents relating to horse slaughter - created by Suzanne Moore.

John Holland - Charles Stenholm Debate (North Platte Telegraph) 

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: Statements from David Swallow
EWA Exec Sends Scathing Letter to Lenz Challenging his Facts 
Craig DiBenedictis: The Case Against Equine Slaughter from EQUUS September, 2009 
Legislation For Horse Slaughter In the U.S. Will Not End Export Or Abandonment Issues 
Mariana Tosca speaking about the horse slaughter issue in America 

EWA and Angels Acres Billboard in Amarillo, Texas
[sign was located on I40, one mile east of the AQHA Museum]



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