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Congratulations to Declan Gregg for winning the
ASPCA Kid of Year award!

You can read about it

Woo hoo, Declan!

Hey, kids - you rock! Thanks to all of you for speaking up for the horses. You sent us well over one thousand letters, two petitions with hundreds of signatures and a lot of way cool pictures! Whether you had letter writing parties, sent individual letters or pictures, wrote poems, created videos, petitions or started websites and blogs, you spoke from the heart. We are proud of each and every one of you.

Congressman Jim Moran's speech at the Children's Press Conference in Washington, DC | March 27, 2012

Frankly Speaking: 
Sometimes A Child Reminds Us | Congressman Frank Guinta




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Ian Somerhalder Foundation Children's Horse Page

Gently Informing:
 International Fund for Horses

For additional information and lesson plans, visit the
Bits Program page at
Little Brook Farm


   The Creative Corner: The Kids' Blogs, Websites & More!

         Amber's Flyer

  Declan's Blog
Children 4 Horses

          Declan's Speech at the press conference in Washington, DC 

Congrats to Declan Gregg! He was nominated by the manager of the NHSPCA for the Kohl's Cares award. Way to go Declan!

Declan Speaks in Washington, DC at Horses on the Hill 2012


Declan Stands Up for Horses


 Teacher's Lesson Plans
 [developed by The United Federation of Teachers Humane Education Committee]

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1

Grades 2 through 5

Grades 6 through 12

Learn how horses have played a role in our country's history.

Find out more about SSGT Reckless here.

Horses go to school, too! Watch Lukas, the World's Smartest Horse, practice his lessons.


Lucas plays after his lessons!

Did you know that Lukas loves hats?

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Find out more about Lukas

This is Muffin, Lukas' special friend

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Jo-Claire Corcoran Interview on Animal Advocates Television

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